Deer hunters have plenty of options this season

The fall general deer hunting season opened last Friday in several game management units in Mohave County, and as expected, the deer are winning most of the battles.

Units that are open include Unit 16A, which has 550 tags; Unit 17A, which has 375 tags; and Unit 17B, which has 425 tags.

Other units that are popular with local deer hunters include Unit 18A, which has 650 tags, and Unit 18B, which has two hunts this year. The first hunt has 325 tags.

The season in these units will close on Sunday.

A muzzleloader season in game management units 15A, 15B, 15C and 15D are also open at this time and will close on Sunday.

Hunters in Arizona are allowed to take only one buck deer a year.

In the general hunts, hunters can use a variety of methods, including centerfire rifles, centerfire pistols, muzzleloader rifles, black powder handguns, crossbows, bows and arrows and shotguns shooting slugs.

Muzzleloader hunters are allowed to use muzzleloading rifles, crossbows and bows and arrows on their hunts.

Arizona allows the use of scopes on all rifles, including muzzleloading rifles, and the only requirement for the use of a handgun is that it must be a centerfire cartridge unless it is a muzzleloading pistol.

Hunters who are successful are asked to voluntarily contact the Region III office of the Arizona Game and Fish Department so that the animal can be checked for the presence of Chronic Wasting Disease.

This disease has not been found in any deer in Arizona and the department is seeking samples of deer taken in northern Arizona.