Stifling my religious voice

"Everybody has their rights, but so do I, and it's not right for one person to say that I can't pray," Connie Locklear.

I'm so sick and tired of people trashing my rights as a Christian because they are "annoyed" by my faith. What I believe certainly doesn't harm anyone so it just has to be that they are annoyed by it.

Guess what! They annoy me!

I remember my homeroom teacher in 5th grade used to read us a Bible passage every morning. That was about a year before school prayer was banished from public schools, I think. No one was injured by this. No one became a mass murderer in my class because some verse from Ecclesiastes was read one morning. We were 5th graders, for cryin' out loud. What were we thinking while she was reading? A classroom of 10- and 11-year-olds really didn't care what she was reading. And who was harmed? Absolutely no one.

But we keep seeing this everywhere - all the way to the floor of the DNC last week, where God was not only omitted from the platform, but He was booed when the matter was reconsidered. And not booed just once, not twice but three times. Remind anyone else of St. Peter's actions that were foretold by Jesus on the night of His arrest? I'm sure the mayor of Los Angeles didn't get the symbolism, nor did most of the delegates on the floor.

This is simply wrong and those people should be ashamed of themselves. They want freedom FROM religion at the expense of oppressing my freedom to PRACTICE mine. It' just not done this way in America.