Kingman Letter: The president of excuses

Regarding Ms. Dane's "Order is not part of a plot," any, and I repeat, any agreement on behalf of the United States with the U.N. should be looked at very seriously. The U.N. is comprised mostly of countries that hate us and will say or do anything to undermine our freedoms. We give billions of dollars in aid to them and the bottom line is they not only vote against us the majority of the time, they also want to rule us. This support money would be better spent on our own country.

As far as Executive Order 13547 (which Ms. Dane pretty much quotes from the web site), "All Obama did was revoke Bush's Executive Order and sign his name to it." Sort of like the White House website of our past great presidents. This president has to insert his name into the site comparing himself with other great presidents simply because he has no original ideas of his own.

This president will indeed go down in history as the only president to spend almost $6 trillion, more than all of our past presidents combined, and the only thing he can offer up is the same old tired, rehashed excuses.

Sam Wise