Kingman Letter: What Democrats believe

They just held the Democratic Presidential Nomination Convention. In case missed it, let me fill you in on what they believe:

• That they can tell us what light bulbs we have to use to cut down electric usage powered by dirty coal, but they want us to drive electric cars that drive up that same dirty electric usage.

• They think the same woman who can decide to murder a baby by abortion, does not have the brains to decide what size Coke she can buy in New York City, or if she wants salt on her food.

• The American people should have Obamacare, which was passed in the dead of night on Christmas Eve with no Republican votes. But they have a different kind of insurance that we do not have access to.

• They can tell Americans who disagree with them to "get in the back seat, sit down and shut up." But they gleefully embrace illegal aliens as they demand the right to live here, to drive, to join the state bar, to collect taxpayer funded welfare and Social Security and even vote, even as they try to disenfranchise active American service members from voting in Ohio this election.

• They should put oil companies out of business - an industry that pays more than $10 billion in net taxes every year and creates tens of thousands of jobs. They think this should be replaced by a solar industry that has gotten at least $16 billion of taxpayer money that has created less than 850 current jobs and has filled our bankruptcy courts with failure.

• They have "saved or created" 4.8 million jobs even though 2.5 million fewer people are working now than in 2009.

• They think standardized testing is racist, but racial quotas for blacks, Hispanics, gays and lesbians, and illegal aliens are not.

• The Constitution and Congress are outdated and need to be replaced by judicial activism and executive orders.

This election, I will be voting for the Constitution and what it stands for.

John Anastasoff, R.N.