Home invaders sought revenge, got prison time instead

The last of three people to plead guilty to breaking into a home and assaulting those inside in retaliation for a homicide the month before have been sentenced to six years in prison.

One of the suspects nearly lost his leg after he was shot by the homeowner's girlfriend in a struggle over a gun.

Jesus Camacho, 19, Louis Walema, 16, and Kokopelli Beecher, 17, all received the same six-year sentence for their roles in the incident that occurred in the 2200 block of Kingman Avenue Dec. 18.

Court documents indicate that Camacho was the lookout while Beecher and Walema kicked in the front door and assaulted a 28-year-old man with a baseball bat.

The man's girlfriend retrieved a shotgun and fought with the men. In a struggle with one of the suspects, the gun went off, hitting both the boyfriend and Walema.

When police arrived, they found Walema bleeding where his bone was protruding from his right knee.

He reportedly told the officer, "I don't want to die. I'm only 15."

An infant in the home during the attack was not injured.

Camacho and Walema were sentenced to prison over the summer. Beecher was sentenced at the end of August. They were all charged as adults.

The home invasion was reportedly in retaliation for a hit-and-run in November in which 23-year-old Nickolaus Gerenscer, a cousin of one of the suspects, was killed in front of a residence in the 2100 block of Valentine Avenue.

Michael Rivera, the father of Gerenscer's on-and-off again girlfriend, faces murder charges for Gerenscer's death.

His case is still pending.