Kingman letters: Democrats and victimology

Does Obama really think that a woman's vote can be bought with a pill, condoms or free abortions? His tactics are nothing new for liberals: plant the seeds of victimology and then declare it a "war" only to ride in like a knight in shining armor and save the day.

Obama knows that in order to conquer he must first divide, and gender is just the latest class he has pounded a wedge further into. Is this the most important concern of the female gender? Birth control, really? And yes, quite frankly, Obamacare does consider abortion an ethical means of birth control.

If I had a vagina I'd be outraged at the insult from Barack Obama on the intelligence of women. As they are just another re-election pawn that instead of being bought with amnesty or promises of your neighbor's money ... are being bought with a Trojan.

Pandering to prospective voters is no longer an ulterior motive for Barack Obama. It's the ultimate theme of his desperate campaign.

Daniel Snelling