Kingman letters:DNC unity

After watching both national conventions, I can say without a doubt that the DNC was more focused, more truthful, and much more exuberant than the RNC was. The difference, I believe, was that at the DNC, each speaker focused on the accomplishments of President Obama, honored our troops, and offered the audience a truthful look at the work still ahead of us. The audience at the DNC consisted of loyal Democrats who appreciate the work Obama is doing to pull this country out of a recession, while the RNC audience consisted of people who both hate Romney and like him (sort of), some who agree with the GOP platform and some who don't. Each speaker the RNC offered was more interested in promoting themselves for 2016 than promoting Romney for 2012. Every speaker at the DNC offered valid reasons why Obama should be re-elected. The RNC offered their audience a pitiful "guest" speaker who couldn't get a complete sentence out of his mouth while rambling on and on to an empty chair, while the DNC's guest speaker was a former president who, even now, has a 69 percent approval rating. Except for Jeb Bush, no one at the RNC dared utter G.W. Bush's name, and Jeb actually had the nerve to say that his brother "kept us safe." Excuse me, but the worst attack on American soil, since the attack on Pearl Harbor, happened on G.W's watch, despite numerous reports handed to Bush that Bin Laden was planning an attack on the U.S. using commercial airlines. G.W. obviously chose to ignore those reports.

The RNC avoided talking about the very things that best define their party - the failed presidency of G.W. Bush and his two unfunded wars, the taking away of a woman's right to choose and voter's rights, bigger tax breaks for the wealthy, repealing health care for all, and voucherizing Social Security and Medicare. The RNC audience cheered every known lie told. The DNC audience cheered our troops, a former president, our current President, the truth and a brighter outlook for our future.

Lori Gabriel-Dane