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3:12 PM Fri, Nov. 16th

Kingman Letter: Worried about U.N. takeover

With the presidential election just a few months away, we should consider Obama's accomplishments.

First, he gave away billions of our tax dollars and created the largest national debt in our history. Our unemployment rate is the highest since the Great Depression. As thousands of illegal immigrants pour over our borders, he does nothing to stop this invasion, but seems to encourage it by catering to their wishes.

He has sealed all records pertaining to "Operation Fast and Furious" to cover an illegal operation conducted by his administration, which is thought by some to be engineered by him. If re-elected, his agenda includes putting certain restrictions on freedom of speech. He wants to sign an agreement with the U.N. which would give them the power to dictate laws concerning the sale and ownership of firearms, which in essence would render the Second Amendment null and void.

This brings to mind a speech by a leader of another country and I quote: "Let the people of this great nation surrender their arms that we will be the first to demonstrate to the modern world that we are truly a civilized people." Adolf Hitler, 1935.

In summary, we have a president who is leading this country to financial ruin, who actually encourages illegal immigration, wants to put certain restrictions on our freedoms and has a blatant disregard for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to push his own agenda.

C'mon America, we can do better than this!

Robert Krichbaum