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10:03 PM Tue, Feb. 19th

Letter: Say hello to your drone-y friend!

Good news - you no longer have to go to another country to be killed by a drone if your name mysteriously appears on a terrorist list.

King Obama and his lead henchman, Holder, just announced it would be constitutional to target you here in America. No notice will be given to you. No counsel will be afforded to you. No courts. No appeals.

Is that a mosquito you hear? Or a drone coming for you? What about others who may be around you, like family? Collateral damage is what your family just became. I wonder if we will honor the person at the joystick control who flew the drone?

As Congress and the Senate debate this act of dictatorship, you should pray that those who are compiling the list of would-be threats to U.S.A. are not dyslexic and reverse the numbers of the addresses or the spelling of any name or you might end up like bad SWAT raid. Dead is dead!

If you fall into the category of not voting or caring about the Constitution, just order the latest pay-per-view movie and a two-liter bottle of soda, unless you live in New York, N.Y. Don't forget to order a pizza and enjoy your sense of oblivion. Would you like bread sticks with that?

Jack Shepherd