Letter: U.S. needs someone like Thatcher

The article on Margaret Thatcher by national columnist Mona Charen (KDM April 9) was excellent. Ms. Thatcher was one of a kind; she did what was right for her country's well-being even against her own party's advice and some even turned against her. She had more gumption than any of our politicians today will ever have. Unlike the government we have here in the States, where our representatives only represent what is best for them and what they can benefit from.

I have heard that since we have elected a black president, and you can see how well that worked out, that it is time to elect a woman president. How lame is that kind of thinking? And I can say with confidence that that woman certainly would not be Hillary Clinton. She is as corrupt as the rest of them in as much as she is not being truthful (surprise, surprise) about our Ambassador and three other Americans killed in Benghazi, not to mention the fact that she would be to distracted wondering what room Bill was in and with whom.

What we really need is another Margaret Thatcher, male or female, who is willing to do the right thing for our country regardless of what others thought as long as it was good for the citizens that they served. And so far I have not seen that person come forward.

Sam Wise