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7:28 AM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Letter: Veterans not treated with respect

I want to bring to your attention the unfair treatment of the military retirees by requiring those of us who are rated 40 percent or lower in VA compensation to pay our own disability by reducing our retirement in the amount of the VA allotment.

This is not only appalling, but inequitable because we are the only group of individuals - most of whom have been to war and fought for this country with pride and dedication - who do not get this VA compensation over and above our pay. This compensation is not an income but a compensation for getting injured while on active duty.

I am of the firm belief that those politicians who say they represent us have not walked a mile in our shoes and don't understand the sacrifice we made by doing 30 years in the military, most times away from family and friends and in a combat situation. You haven't lived until you've witnessed 22 of your shipmates die right in front of you and you cannot do a thing about it. I am still here to stand tall for them in this bureaucracy where the federal government thinks they own this country and its citizens.

It is time to stand up and take notice and vote the way their constituents want rather than what they can bargain for - time to get back to the original intent of the Congress and Senate, and that is representing the people in their district or state.

Don Hall

United States Military Retired

Dolan Springs