Clinton Scandals Come Back to Bite Them

Clinton Scandals Come Back to Bite Them

It appears, just as Hillary Clinton is preparing to make a 2016 presidential run, the Clinton scandals are all coming back to bite them in spades. When you are as dishonest as Bill and Hillary Clinton are, that is always a possibility. They slid through Monica once before, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick (the woman Bill Clinton is said to have raped), and all the other women in his Arkansas past. He made it past the young men who died near the railroad tracks in Mena, Arkansas, killed, some say, because they stumbled upon a Clinton-connected drug deal. The Clintons slid past Travelgate and Vince Foster's mysterious death, the missing Rose Law firm records that suddenly turned up on a hallway table (I loved that one!) and now ... a barrage is hitting them.

As Hillary's top aide and confidante for twenty years, Huma Abedin stands by her man, Anthony Wiener, who has been busy sexting young women while running for Mayor of NYC. If that's not too close to Hillary, now the National Enquirer has broken a story that an audio sex tape from Monica Lewinsky to her then-lover Bill Clinton has surfaced.

The November 1997 recording, about four minutes long, is reportedly addressed to "handsome," and the voice says she is "too cute and adorable" to be ignored and is heard trying to seduce him. After some very suggestive talk, the voice says, "I hope to see you later and I hope you will follow my script and do what I want." She further says, "Since I know you will be alone tomorrow evening, I have two proposals for you, neither of which is you not seeing me."

She suggests using Secretary Bettie Currie to set up a meeting that won't show on the record and will be after the hours, so that those who don't like her and cause her trouble will have already gone home; then a few suggestions of time together alone, watching a movie, a box dinner ... obviously not her first rodeo there.

She continues with making sure this happens because she can be a pain sometimes and doesn't want to have to bother Bettie Currie every two hours finding out if the meeting is set. As most of us thought, Bettie Currie was always complicit in Clinton's affairs.

This tape was one obtained by Linda Tripp from Lewinsky and was later turned over to Ken Starr along with other love letters and mementos, some of which are as X rated as Anthony Wieners sexting. The Clinton's thought all of this was long gone but apparently copies were made and now are surfacing. My guess, more on the way.

Hopeful Hillary lovers might say this is old news, water under the bridge and it's Bill, not Hillary, after all. But there is so much more in the sordid lives of the Clintons.

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

As far back as 2007, Hillary Clinton was suspected of being very close with Huma Abedin, now wife of Anthony Wiener, now in the current news for his X-rated sexting to young women and a candidate for New York City mayor.

Hillary and Huma have been together for 20 years, from when Hillary first grabbed her right out of George Washington University. Huma's parents, Muslims, after moving to Saudi Arabia from the US, were involved in the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim Sisterhood. While the father has passed away, Huma's Mother is still very involved. But Huma is also very involved in Muslim organizations with terrorist ties, which is worrisome.

It is very obvious Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, has taken a very far left step towards supporting all things Islamic. She visited, on our dime, all 57 Muslim countries, had her picture taken collectively with all of their leaders and made them a promise she would push hard in the UN to make it illegal to say anything against Mohammed in the US. She has kept her promise to them. As for Christians, it's still okay to say anything about them.

Hillary has also more than once had her picture taken with people known to be affiliated with terrorists. Even speaking out in their favor.

But there is more hitting Hillary which should absolutely cause her to never be considered as Presidential material.

As reported in, Diplomatic Security Agent David Ubben was one of the men on the roof at Benghazi when the two brave Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, were killed. Ubben was severely wounded, his leg being shredded on September 11, 2012, and he was stranded on the roof for 20 hours in that condition before help arrived. Ubben is receiving treatment at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

We all recall Hillary Clinton's animated response about "what difference does it make now?" Well, for David Ubben lying there 20 hours, probably not knowing if he was even going to live or die, it was a long 20 hours and it would have been much better had Obama and Hillary made sure the help that was as close as an hour away had been sent.

And one more big problem for Hillary. Hillary and Huma Abedin are under investigation. When Huma had a baby last year, Hillary let her stay home, gave her a new title (made up), kept it top secret and allowed her to be paid her usual wage, which was around $150,000. But Huma worked three other jobs, including one for Bill Clinton. So along with her Hillary Aide pay, she pulled in another $350,000. It's illegal to do so.

Charles Grassley and others are investigating but questions directed to the State Deparment have gone unanswered. So Grassley went directly to Abedin who states she did nothing wrong. Stay tuned as they are pushing on. This is not the first time Hillary has put an aide in another area with full pay or put them on the Wm Jefferson Clinton Foundation.

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