Letter of thanks: Michael and Melanie Bradle

We wanted to thank and give a shout out to the Arizona Game and Fish for their Big Horn Sheep Workshop. We wanted to thank Zen Mocarski, stationed at the Stockton Hill Road Region III office. We thank him for the enthusiastic presentation on Friday night before the boat trip.

The next day Saturday, we put in at Willow Beach and proceeded to follow the Colorado up to Hoover Dam. Luke, the captain of our mighty pontoon boat, led the flotilla effortlessly, guiding us up the Colorado River and spotting with his eagle eyes numerous big horn sheep. Luke was keen on giving us insights into the wildlife along the river. The Colorado River is almost overwhelming and the shored are graced with rugged beauty.

The Big Horn Sheep Workshop was a grand pleasure and privilege to be allowed to participate in right in our community. It was great to gather insights in the conservation efforts made to maintain the Big Horn Sheep population including the hunting of this animal species. Some of the participants drove as far as Phoenix to take part in the workshop. We would highly recommend the workshop without any reservations (participants do need reservations) to all who find this area of our country precious and seek a greater understanding of our surrounding unique habitats.

Michael and Melanie Bradle