Letter: On wolves, cooperation needed

Thank you for your article "Coordination, not cooperation on Mexican gray wolf plan" [Aug. 20]. I see that Mohave County is at it again, totally disregarding the fact that the state of Arizona is part of the Mexican gray wolf Species Survival Plan and has been for 15 years. Perhaps Mohave County might want to consider cooperation instead. The majority of citizens in Arizona support Mexican wolf recovery.

The Mexican gray wolf is the most critically endangered mammal in the country, and a new recovery plan is needed from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to keep this animal from going extinct. There are wolves in wildlife sanctuaries around the country, including here in California, that have been prepared for release into the wild. With a wild population of only around 75 individuals, they are badly needed. Perhaps USFWS, Arizona Fish and Game, and Mohave County could work together and save a species.

Janet Hoben

Burbank, Calif.