Letter: Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course a mess

After a brief visit to Las Vegas for business, I decided to stop and play your local golf course, Cerbat Cliffs. I have played Cerbat Cliffs on many occasions in the past but not recently. I was truly taken aback at how bad of shape the course was in. The fairways were really uneven, torn up and when a divot was taken on some of the fairways white insects were revealed. Yuck!

What is that smell?

I was also a bit taken aback by the finishing holes - 16, 17, and 18. I always remembered them as the signature holes. In fact, I believe on of them is pictured on the scorecard. I was appalled by the fence on the edge of hole 17. It looked like at one time it had collapsed and had merely been stood back up in the general vicinity of its original location. The top pipe rail was not attached to anything. It looked like it could come down at any time. The adjacent property was in disarray. The property further down toward the 18th fairway was also in disrepair. This property was in such bad shape I wasn't sure it was still inhabited.

It really left a sour taste in our mouths that this was basically the last mental image imprinted upon us as we exited the course.

I will continue to monitor the golf websites for reviews of Cerbat Cliffs but won't be back to play until the fairways are in better shape, the insects are gone, the rough is mowed and the last few holes get cleaned up a bit.

Were I in a position of authority within the city of Kingman, I would be sending notices of clean up to those residences for public safety and in an effort to alleviate the eyesore.

Lon Ryder