Letter: No constitutional limits

I was watching the House Judicial Committee concerning constitutional limits on all presidents and President Obama's complete disregard for our Constitution and laws, including the implementation of Obamacare as written. The meeting began with illegals filling up all the front rows and disrupting the start by loudly repeating the Lord's Prayer.

Notably, the four experts testifying voted for Obama. Michael Cannon, Cato Institute's director of health policy studies, cited Abraham Lincoln talking about our right to alter our government, or revolutionary right to overthrow it. So grave the president's actions, no longer constrained by laws, Cannon said ultimately armed revolt may be our only option.

Crazy? Not in the right forum with Constitutional experts, formerly supporters, making statements like, "they wantonly ignore the laws, impose obligations on our people the legislature never approved."

Jonathan Turley, Obama voter/left wing law professor at George Washington University Law School, stated, "the president is outside the line ... we have the most serious Constitution crisis in my lifetime ... this body (Congress) is becoming less and less relevant." Turley speaks of having "great trepidation" with regard to where the country is headed and expresses grave concern that "the center of gravity is shifting" within the "three co-equal branches of government." He refers to this as an "uber-presidency," Obama himself now being a fourth branch of government and "no greater danger for individual liberty."

Where we've always had the legislative holding the purse strings for balance, Obama has now taken designated money and simply moved it to other areas, often making the legislative body irrelevant. Nicholas Rosenkranz, professor at Georgetown, concurs.

On immigration, Obama completely ignores laws, orders what he wants. In Fast and Furious, the Department of Justice illegally sold guns, hundreds died, no one ever held accountable. In Syria, Obama simply declared he was bombing them. The drone policy is also worrisome, and he is packing courts with radicals.

He illegally declared Congress shut down to make illegal recess appointments he could get through no other way. Tip of the iceberg.

Democrats, after attacking Republicans, did not even stay for the hearings.

Linda Athens