Reader Letter: Not a pretty picture

Liberal-progressive politicians, activist groups and their leftist media continue to pander to American citizens of Hispanic descent, trying to enlist them in their cause to provide full amnesty for illegals, to open borders and to eliminate immigration law. These activists lump all Hispanics, whether citizens or illegals, into a single demographic, and unfortunately these citizens cannot see what effect that is having on their own lives.

Hispanic citizens constitute a large part of the U.S. population. They have been as much a part of the American story as any other ethnic group. They are industrious, honest, hard working, talented, loyal and brave. Many of them generally work in the construction, agriculture, automotive, food, hotel and service industries, and at menial labor jobs.

Though capable and experienced, they work at jobs which do not require a high degree of technical training or ability. Therefore, employers may consider them as being easily replaceable.

That's where the illegal immigrant enters the picture. Frequently, an employer will release long-time or higher-paid employees working in semi-skilled or unskilled positions and replace them with illegals, at a significantly lower wage and no Social Security, health coverage or payroll taxes to pay. More often than not, Hispanics and blacks are the first to be let go.

Illegal immigrants, working in any industry, will displace Hispanic-American citizens and black American citizens. This is the picture these liberal-progressive activists don't want anyone to see.

D.B. Mitchell

Valle Vista