Reel Watchers: Safe Haven

Safe Haven has many aspects to it. It is both a mystery and a thriller - with moments of lighthearted comedy. But at its heart, Safe Haven is a love story.

A mysterious young woman hops a bus out of Boston, chased by the police. Her name is Katie and she decides to settle in the small, seaside town of Southport. Katie shies away from people and relationships and does her best to isolate herself from both the town and the townspeople.

However, there are a few people in town who won't let the secretive young woman hide herself away. Katie soon forms two different but equally important relationships: a deep friendship with her supportive neighbor Jo and a romantic relationship with local widower Alex.

As Katie is settling into her new life in Southport, a stubborn Boston police detective is still searching for her. Katie's two worlds keep coming closer and closer together. On a fateful Fourth of July night, Katie's two worlds become one. While the fireworks explode, Katie's life and the lives of those she loves are in terrible danger. She must confront her past to save her future and the new life she hopes to build with Alex and his children.

Based on the Nicholas Sparks book, Safe Haven is a great movie for this Valentine's month. Whether you see it with your significant other or with friends, it is a sweet and tear-inspiring love story.

This movie is rated PG-13 for violence and sexuality.

This is a film that both genders can enjoy. If you are looking for a feel good love story to watch over the long President's Day weekend, this is definitely the movie for you.

Out of a possible four, I give "Safe Haven" three-and-a-half miners.