Letter: A dollar will do me right

Friends and countrymen, give me a buck. That's right - just one dollar. I have several things in mind that will take a million or two that I don't have to do. The U.S.A. will be $20 trillion in debt soon. That's about $151,000 for every man, woman and child in America that we owe for this $20 trillion debt that Congress has saddled us with as of 2020.

$16 trillion, you say, for today. Well, it really is more like $16.7 trillion. But who is keeping score? That's why I am only asking for your pocket change. Just a buck, please, I want to buy a gold claim in Alaska. Risky, I know. So I also plan on opening up a whorehouse in Nevada. One of them will have to pay off better than green solar technologies. I might even have enough left over to run for Congress, which will ensure my retirement for life.

So a million or two should do. You won't miss a thing if I fail, and unlike the government it won't raise your taxes. Give once, and only once, again unlike Congress that asks for more from you on an hourly basis. No wars, no killing drones and no controversies to worry about. Just one dude asking for a buck without the cardboard sign. That's it. Look for my "Go Fund Me" page, soon to appear everywhere.

Jack Shepherd