Letter: I'm not worried about your hurry

I drive the speed limit - so back off!

I drive a normal car. Don't try to intimidate me by driving right on my bumper with your big truck, some of them so jumped up, faux masculine, monster machines that your headlights come straight through my back window. I know you believe that the bigger the truck, the faster you should be allowed to drive. You can gun you motor and flash your lights all you want to, but I will not change to the right lane if I am turning left at the next intersection. So back off!

Some of you think you are being clever and original by swerving around me, pulling right in front of me, and slowing down. Nice try, but I'm happy to slow down behind you just to get away from your smell. I back off!

Some of you drive SUVs on your way to drop off or pick up your children at school. You are driving so close behind me that I can't even see your headlights in my rearview mirror. So back off! Stop endangering your children (not to mention me). I'm not going to speed up just because you couldn't allow yourself enough time for your children. What are your priorities? And by the way, has riding my bumper in an effort to go faster been working for you?

Be sensible. Be safe. Be considerate. Share the road. And back off! I'm not going to speed up for the likes of you.

DeeAnna Fellows