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8:19 AM Fri, Oct. 19th

Letter: Living in fear after 12/12/12

One theory is the government has known all along that 12/12/12 was going to be just another day. The commerce of this fledgling be-prepared industry of Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs) and underground bunker sales would all but stop, thus putting the survival industries in financial risk of complete collapse.

Like any good government spending, the exact cost of the USA zombie studies is almost impossible to track and account for. We know at least on two occasions it cost the taxpayer several thousand dollars to set up two different sites, with 40 actors dressed for the part to act like zombies. Other than the movies, what studies could have been used to encourage the people to continue to buy and build for that special day?

Mad cow disease and avian flu are but two of which millions has already been spent to study. The reports of the two diseases show no birds or cows eating each other. In the reported cases of disease transfer to humans, has any empirical evidence of diseased humans eating humans been reported? No!

Any government study that does not increase fear, control and spending is a failure. So now along with zombie attacks the government will continue to support any doomsday theory with your tax dollars, to encourage you to continue to buy underground bunkers and MREs. And did I forget to say they are great for hunting trips for people who can't shoot and eat what they kill?

Jack Shepherd