Timko's contract on agenda

KINGMAN - County Finance Director John Timko will take a $5,000 pay cut if the Mohave County Board of Supervisors approves a new two-year contract with Educational Services, Inc. today.

Timko retired in 2011 and signed a contract with the county through Educational Services for $153,698 to continue to provide financial and budget services.

The Board unanimously renewed his contract last year for $241,199 despite objections from several supervisor candidates who accused Timko of double dipping on the state's retirement fund. The increase between the 2011 contract and the 2012 contract is because the county extended the 2012 contract by six months.

According to information provided to the Board, Educational Services pays for Timko's salary, health and retirement benefits.

If the Board approves Timko' contract, Educational Services will be paid $117,293 in 2014 and $115,703 in 2015.