Letter of thanks: Tina Lopez

Thank you from the Cast and Crew of "Dream Date"

It's a wrap! The citizens of Kingman have been amazing. We couldn't have made this caliber of film without those who volunteered their time, location or services.

Angela of Beale Street Brews, Scott and Nancy of The Cellar Door and Carmella of Sirens' Cafe. You guys went above and beyond to help us have the perfect locations for our film. Carmella, the food was delicious as was the pizza compliments of Papa Johns, lunch on Saturday provided by and made by Paula Carroll, and lunch in California made by Christine Baca.

Other locations: Powerhouse (Kim), Susie Gestrine's house, Camacho residence, Carroll residence, Kingdom of God Church, Dr. Kalanithi's Office, Parkcrest Village and Mohave County Democratic Central Committee Headquarters, California location: Westside Tower/Cathy Levario's residence.

Tony Lopez for being our disc jockey and keeping the extras going in the club scene.

Gene Wilcox for the lighting in the nightclub.

Ken and Cherie Bourlier for providing the trailer for our stars.

To our amazing and talented cast for your dedication and long hours you put into this. Mohave County has some great talent.

To our awesome crew both in Kingman and California for your hard work and dedication. Too many to mention due to word limits. You all know who you are; we couldn't have done this without you.

To the Kingman Daily Miner for all your help in helping us to get the word out and to Alan Choate going above and beyond by creating the headline paper for us.

And last but not least, our talented crew who were there with us for the full five days. Jay Garrett, Kevin Lidtke and Mary Lopez and my right hand person Tina Williams, Brian (director), Danny Trejo, Peter Helm, Isaac Lopez, Angela Williams and Kenny Cooper, our stars.

If I left anyone out I'm truly sorry; the help was tremendous and I tried to remember everyone.

Tina Lopez