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1:25 PM Sun, Feb. 17th

Letter: Sidewalks are for walking

On Wednesday, June 19, I read an opinion submitted by Kenny Lee Barrows, "Bullying should be taken seriously." I truly understand about being bullied.

I am unable to drive because of my poor vision, so I am forced to be a pedestrian. Upon my travels here in Kingman, I have been bullied by vehicles and the careless driving habits of their operators.

Why? When you come to an intersection, do you need to block the sidewalk? There is a stop bar - you know, that solid white bar prior to the crosswalk! Please be kind and do not block the crosswalk. I have to walk around your vehicle and out into traffic. If I wanted to walk in the middle of Andy Devine Avenue, I would do so on my own.

Another question I have is why do you park on the sidewalk? There is plenty of parking here in Kingman. It is not that populated.

To make a long story short, please understand that a sidewalk is meant for pedestrians. I do not walk in your parking lot, so please do not park on my sidewalk.

James Mosley