Letter: Medicare for all

I just received an email from Paul Gosar, our U.S. representative in Washington, in which he proudly announced voting for two bills that will yet again delay the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Paul Gosar, a former dentist with excellent health care, is now at best a part-time employee - average attendance for our U.S. legislators is 171 days a year - with the best choices for health care coverage WE can buy them. I will ask Rep. Gosar to introduce a bill that will allow our families to buy the same health insurance that our senators' and representatives' families are eligible for.

Think of the savings to them as well as us if we are all in the same insurance pool! We could call this plan "Medicare for All" and it would be our national health care plan. Instead of the extremists in Congress constantly trying to destroy any and all programs that benefit we the people, why not make some effort to help the working class and poor and have the wealthy pay a fair share to better our country?

Danny Baker