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9:49 AM Sat, Feb. 23rd

Guest Column: Audit of city's books overdue

In the May 19 Miner Dean Wolslagel asked, "does the city of Kingman need an outside independent forensic financial audit?"

The answer to that is yes, yes and hell yes!

Not only do we need this for the very strange expenses in the street department's budget, but also for all the other street projects this city has done in the past 10 years.

In 2004, the city contacted the people living in the Bank/Airport area and asked if we wanted to add curbs and sidewalks to our streets. It was to cost us $3,500 per home, so we all signed up for it. Five years later the city contacted us and said they were ready to start, however it was now going to cost us $8,500. We called the city manager who referred us to the finance department's Coral Loyd. She told us that it was too late for us to do anything about it as we had signed up for it and it was now a done deal, nothing we could do except pay!

By the time this project was done in December 2009, the total cost, in an assessment against our properties, was between $10,000 and $14,000, depending on the size of your lot.

We went to a City Council meeting to object and found the mayor and council members knew nothing about this. Apparently, the city manager and the financial manager, Coral Loyd, obtained a junk bond for this "improvement" that the council knew nothing about (big surprise!). Then the council had to vote to accept this, otherwise the city would have to pay the bond they were already obligated to if the residents didn't pay it.

You can't even pay the assessment off early without paying 10 years interest first. Over half of the people in the Bank/Airport area have lost their homes to foreclosure because of the assessment, thanks to the city of Kingman.

I agree with Dean Wolslagel, the city of Kingman needs an outside independent forensic financial audit and we need it now before the city starts demanding our citizens pay higher taxes so the city can force more citizens to lose their homes.

Has anyone noticed we are losing population, not growing it!