The wussiest regime on the planet

No one else seems to have picked up on this comment:

In a separate statement, Danny Werfel, the IRS' new acting commissioner, called the 2010 conference "an unfortunate vestige from a prior era." (emphasis mine)

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So, they are blaming Bush for these stupid taxpayer-paid for conferences, even though this all took place the second year of Obama's presidency? Five years into this disastrous regime and they are still falling back on the Blame Bush mantra. I've never seen so many people who refuse to take responsibility for anything. And what's worse is they are taking their lead from the top boss - Obama.

To paraphrase TheBigO - "I heard about this (pick a scandal, any scandal) from the same news accounts that most of you did."

The first time he knows about something is when we do, or so he wants us to believe. The smartest man in the world has surrounded himself with this level of incompetence? No one in his administration gave him a head's up on this? Oh, gimme a break! If I were surrounded with people like this, I'd be firing folks left and right.

Nothing to see here. Nothing new. We're in for another three years of "blame Bush" for everything that goes wrong. No one in the Obama regime will take responsibility for anything, including the TheOne. How does anyone have any respect for this guy?

This is a wussy regime - ask any world leader. TheOne and his Obamaites don't know the meaning of the words "man up."