One More Israel Hater Joins Obama Administration

One More Israel Hater Joins Obama Administration

I just mentioned Cass Sunstein in another blog. Next day I learn Sunstein's wife has just been chosen as Obama's UN Ambassador to fill Susan Rice's vacated position.

We all remember Susan Rice's great job on the five Sunday programs - blaming Benghazi on an Egyptian riot over a 6-minute anti Muhammed video no one saw or heard.

No one thinks she believed her own words. Some think she was following orders. Those digging deeply know she helped re-write the CIA's talking points.

So for her faithful lying, she has been, no, not fired, but promoted to a senior advisory position where an oversight committee will be unable to touch her. And, for that new appointment, she will be more beholden to Obama to keep her mouth shut. Clever by two. Alinsky rules. Don't let anything bad go to waste.

Rice is worth 25 to 50 million dollars through her many investments in Canadian oil and Iran connected oil. But for another blog.

A refresher on Cass Sunstein, who was Obama's Regulatory Czar with crazy beliefs. Legal rights for animals, outlawing marriage, the state owning your organs if you are dead or in a "hopeless condition," therefore the state can harvest your organs without obtaining anyone's permission.

He supports policies and laws empowering the government - disempowering individuals and ardently pushes the Fairness Doctrine for radio broadcasting and wants the federal government to regulate the Internet, particularly independent bloggers. (Horrors!). One of his numerous books addresses this - called Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech. Also, he supports hunting being outlawed along with owning guns.

Some info from Robert Knight's book, Radical Rulers. Knight is senior fellow for American Civil Rights Union, senior writer and Washington D.C. Correspondent for Coral Ridge Ministries, and aprolific author.

And now a picture of Samantha Power, Sunsteins wife and Obama's new UN ambassador choice.

While Obama introduced her as a fighter for human rights and fighting the scourge of anti-Semitism, nothing could be further from the truth. I read many of her writings which were very definitely anti-Israel.

She and Obama have much in common. They are both anti-American and feel we are evil. A Harvard professor, she has also run the House Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights. (Is nepotism in now?)

In one magazine article, she spoke of George Bush's "militant moralism," characterizing American foreign policy as "an explicitly amoral enterprise" and referring to our policies she deems criminal and which need a reckoning for our crimes committed.

For this, she created a doctrine of "Mea Culpa" to enhance our credibility in not endorsing the sins of our fathers. I refer back to the Obama Cairo speech where he did just that.

Unbelievable! This is the last person we need representing us at the UN. She will fit right in with all the other countries that hate us however, and another organization that should be thrown completely off American soil.

Power is also a big believer in international law.

In 2001, attending a UN World Conference Against Racism in Durbin, when the US pulled out due to the Israel/America bashing, she did not.

Later, when asked at Berkeley her thoughts on the Palestine-Israel problem and a possible genocide taking place, she spoke not a word about the Palestinians stealing the Israeli's land containing their footprint for thousands of years. In fact, at the time of the question, they were waging an intifada against Israel. I remember it well.

She then went on to state her true beliefs. Referring to a Jewish stereotype of them being wealthy and powerful, she essentially advocated the Palestinians attacking Israel to protect themselves from human rights abuses, then pushed giving the Palestinians billions to build up a military to fight Israel. Please remember, there are 57 Muslim countries on this earth with Israel surrounded by them, nearly all of which want every Jew on earth dead. And Israel, one tiny, small sliver of land, at places barely 15 miles wide.

For many liberals who are anti-Israel, I suggest you get a globe and take a look at the Muslim countries compared to tiny little Israel and then tell me how you could POSSIBLY be against Israel. They are the only free country in the area. People there are free including many muslims who live there. And when you look at a globe, you can barely find Israel it is so small. Still, powerful in that the Jews are God's chosen people and Israel will never fall nor ever fail. Their land bloomed like the Rose of Sharon God promised them.

Ariel Sharon made many concessions to the Palestinians as have other Jewish leaders but Power likened him to Yasser Arafat at the time. Arafat was of course a cold-blooded killer.

It's despicable that Obama would pick Power as UN Ambassador with it filled with Israel haters already.

If you don't believe Obama also hates Israel, take stock of all he has done against Israel since becoming POTUS, starting with ignoring and leaving PM Bibi Netanyahu with not even an invite to dinner while he went upstairs and had his own dinner.

But Muslims got big dinner parties in the White House. If I had my way, Obama and friends would be gone, I would fumigate and then I would have the biggest party the White House ever saw ... for Israel. "God will bless those that bless Israel, curse those that curse Israel". Not hard to figure out the fires, floods and tornadoes plaguing us.

This is not Obama's best pick of course. This is the worst pick he could possibly have made and is but one more slap in the face to our country, all done by a man who is not even an American citizen, fraudulently won both elections and who was raised as a muslim in Indonesia so follows the hate Israel line like a good little muslim boy.

While Power blames all mid-east problems on Israel, she forever refuses to admit any wrongdoing by Hezbollah and Hamas who forever push killing the Jews.

It gets worse however. She refuses to believe Iran and their race for nuclear weapons are even a problem.

Pathetic that she refuses to recognize the great price many Americans through the years have paid so she can live in the most free country on earth and by our very existence, she is allowed to spew her America hating venom.

But UN Ambassador?

Some information from Arnold Ahlert, Front Page Magazine