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8:50 AM Mon, Nov. 19th

One Nation - Under Surveillance

One Nation Under Surveillance:

This week all hell broke loose if you still value your freedom. First, we learned every American is a terrorist suspect according to this administration. Rather than target those who actually are suspect, we now learn this Administration is targeting every single American, as if we are all terrorist suspects. But of course that isn't really what is going on here.

And unlike Bush, the info they are obtaining they are SAVING. Where? Well, in those giant new structures in Bluffdale, Utah called Ft. Roberts. Top secret Ft. Roberts.

First, this isn't the way to keep us safe in the first place because we now know, all this targeting, according to one Congressman, has netted one suspect.

And I would remind us all of the words of Benjamin Franklin. "Those who would trade their liberty for security will keep neither." What timely words.

We all know a couple of real terrorists this administration could have gone after, had they chosen. The Boston Marathon bombers. Others did everything but deliver them into Obama's lap, but nope, we ignored all that. Too busy targeting American citizens.

Our best defense against terrorism is freedom and we are fast having that taken from us.

The first tools of a police state start with surveillance, then taking our guns away. We are there.

The governments actual primary job is to protect our freedom, not our security. We must never trust the government to keep us safe. In fact, it was freedom and men using it that took down Flight 93, wasn't it. "Let's Roll" they said and chose freedom (and ultimately death) rather than allow islam to take out more Americans. Shades of our Founders. Forever my heroes.

As far as all this snooping being kept under wraps from others unless the need to go further with it is total bull. It's about as safe as the next disgruntled or politically driven employee, no matter what side they are on.

Again, safe? The info has already been shared with England (and what other countries, we know not) and was first leaked to England by Journalist Greenwald living in Argentina. In fact, the English tabloids are doing a better job of reporting on all this than we here in America.

The other day, Obama went to California and spoke. First he got mad because upon reaching the podium, his notes were not there. "People" he harshly said, totally irritated. "Folks are sweatin back there" he added. He's lost without help speaking. Absolutely lost.

Then he spoke about literally spying on us. Let's recall his long, long history of attacking George Bush for "spying on Americans." I have repeatedly watched his prior speeches this past week. 2009 - "hold government accountable ... make it transparent" he said. I also remember his promise to transform our government. Shudder!

But now that he has grossly expanded the power to spy on us, farther than Bush would have ever dreamed of going, he is dancing a new step, singing a new tune. We could re-name him Obamabush and then some.

He "came in with a healthy skepticism" he said. "It helps us prevent terrorism" he added. "Trade offs are involved" he went on. Trade offs? You mean the trade off that government now knows more about us then we even know about ourselves. And government is SAVING it all? That government is tracking our credit cards, sees what we buy, where, when, how much, knows who we call, from where, how long, who we called, where they live, what we looked up on our computers.

Did you know the NSA 14 TIMES denied spying on us? All lies. Did you know Mark Kirk asked Eric Holder under oath in an oversight hearing this week, "Are you spying on Congress" and Holder could NOT answer, mumbling something about being in an open forum. But wait. If they are NOT spying on Congress, then he could have simply said no. He did not, however. What does that tell us? Frankly, I don't want elected senators and representatives, no matter their party, having their phones bugged by the Justice Department. Especially THIS Justice Department.

On phones, "but they don't actually LISTEN to the calls " Obama volunteered in California. Dear God. That is pathetic. Then WHY are they bothering?

"We must make choices" he said. Wait a minute. Who the hell is making these choices anyway? I am NOT for being spied on. I am NOT for having every keystroke known in real time as I am typing here.

I am NOT for having millions of lives mined, not because we are not all potential terrorists, but because, first, it is illegal. In fact we don't seem to even mine info on potential terrorists. They are almost always muslim and we must be sensitive to their needs, not be islamophobic. That would make sense, to target muslims. They don't do it in England either. In ten years, the muslim population in England will outnumber the anglos. Many of those muslims are fanatics. They teach how to take the English out in their many mosques. But let it be said, as the anglos in England go down, they certainly were not islamophobic.

No, they are targeting US. American citizens. And the very nature of government is to misuse and abuse. Our Founders knew this. Our Founders warned against this. They knew because they were Bible understanding Christians who understood we all have a sin nature. Give a Christian power and they have a much better chance of not misusing it. But give a non Christian tyrant like Obama power and there is an absolute assurance he will abuse his power. He will and he did. So did Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Lenin, Marx, Mao. In fact, Obama is very Marxist. And one woman in his first term in his close inner circle often praised Mao, later stepped down believing the men in the Obama administration treated women badly.

No, Obama's administration is not executing us. But he is far down the wrong road. His administration reeks of scandals, cover ups, outright lies. Big companies are admonished to allow their customer base be provided to the government, then are not allowed to speak of it. That is just wrong. There is no way to justify making every American a suspect.

It is time to do what is legal and not what is illegal. By what authority are they doing this? I thought they were using the 2012 FISA Amendment. But unless drastically changed, this is what the 2008 FISA Amendment said and it certainly does not fit what is being done now.

"On July 10, 2008, President Bush signed into law the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, which passed with a bipartisan majority of Congress and broad support from the intelligence community. The Act allows intelligence professionals to more quickly and effectively monitor terrorist communications, while protecting the civil liberties of Americans. Among other things, the law accomplishes the following:

· "Ensures that the intelligence community has the tools it needs to determine who terrorists are communicating with, what they are saying and what they may be planning.

· "Provides critical authorities that allow the intelligence community to acquire foreign intelligence information by targeting foreign persons reasonably believed to be outside the United States.

· "Preserves and provides new civil liberties protections for Americans.

· "Requires court orders to target Americans for foreign intelligence surveillance, no matter where they are, and requires court review of the procedures used to protect information about Americans.

"Specifically, the new law authorizes the targeting of non-U.S. persons overseas to acquire foreign intelligence information, subject to specific targeting and minimization procedures that are reviewed by the FISA Court. (From GOP-GOV)

I guess I better carefully read the 2012 Version. Meanwhile, we are one nation, under surveillance and we need to do something about it.