Guest Column: Trusting officialdom is a foolish thing

Are you one of the 200 million Americans who no longer trust local or state or federal governments?

Are you afraid of the tax departments, both state and federal? Do you have the money in your mattress to sue or fight the government? Assuming that they give you permission.

Recent events may give way for this number of 200 million to grow, and nothing will change without your vote. Throw the bums out or overthrow the government and start over like Jefferson suggested a few centuries back.

End of the world, revolutions, and the fall of America - with ETs tossed in for good measure with a zombie or two - are now the most popular TV series in America.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi or the IRS with AP wiretaps will fade as fast as Bill O. can announce them, and nothing other than a few people who were going to leave their post may be asked to leave seven days early. No lost pay or jail time. That punishment will be saved for political pawns who upset the apple cart.

Daily we see it, and say, "How dumb do they think we are?"

My answer is "pretty dumb" because you do nothing.

The Constitution along with Americans' personal liberties are being shredded daily as we cry, "That's not right." Yet we allow it by not voting or congregating to protest, and most will not even write their opinion of it in the local paper.

Maybe the paper has too many ads to sell and has no room for your Fourth Estate rights to be published? Or it could be you are now part of the 47 percent in poverty and are out trying to get your daily meds, with food and shelter taken care of while trying to secure a place to raise your family. I understand. I am there myself.

The Patriot Act and Homeland Security are but two laws enacted in the past to make us feel safe while our liberty is sold like a prostitute on Friday night.

I know - maybe I can win the lotto and buy my own island!

Millionaires and billionaires, along with the corporations, are running your life, which is worth less than 50 cents; think about it, a million or a billion to your estimated $33,000 a year is about like 50 cents to them.

You are just a commodity to be used and recycled for votes, and tossed out in the trash.

You pick the topic: education, entitlements, health care, jobs, border security, unreasonable searches with wiretaps or TSA, and national defense with gun control, and murders in the USA with a few more tax laws and DUI with no cell phones while driving.

Do you really feel safe or represented? I don't.

Crying foul about human rights in Bangladesh while our politicians buy their political signs and hats there is another sign of the times. China or Korea may only appear to be a threat, like the Muslim world with 1 percent radicals, and the Christian world with its far right members.

Smokescreens in America; that is the real threat! It allows those in charge to make regime changes by taking out the Castros or Husseins of the world while we kill millions of innocent people in America's interest as they also cast Americans further in debt to the point of no return.

In essence, as we continue to give away our personal liberties for false securities, we are cutting the throats of our fellow Americans, our family, and ourselves.

I may be nuts, and if you think so, just refinance your house or car for better interest rates, or watch TV to buy the latest personal hygiene spray to make sure you smell right as you order your new weight loss program, but please do not think that anything like rights or safety will happen for you personally because of the dog and pony show put on by millionaires and billionaires with corporate backing in Washington, D.C.