Guest Column: Obama deserves credit for nothing

I have held my tongue long enough! First, allow me to wish Lori Gabriel-Dane well on her recovery from the heart attack. I hope it was not brought on by the ill feelings of those who disagree with her. Their numbers are legion. And, she presents herself as a very large target.

No one should wish a heart attack on another person. However, there may be a bright side. Maybe when fully healed, it will allow happy words and thoughts to spill out toward others, at least on occasion.

We Republicans simply do not believe that Obama, in over four years, has "brought this country back from a devastating recession." It is still there! Obamacare has raised my Medicare costs seriously and now threatens my health. Fuel costs are still "obominable," my home is worth far less than I paid for it, my cost of living is skyrocketing, and I am in no way better off under Obama's "care."

Yet, his promises, unfulfilled, that got him elected twice are not lies?

The aforementioned Lori Gabriel-Dane credits him with returning us to milk and honey? To world respect? To an economy that will allow us elders who worked and saved and paid into Social Security through our earning years to relax and grow old without fear of losing everything?

I choose to attack the individuals who spread lies and vilify anyone who doesn't agree with them. Like, all Republicans tell unrelenting lies, are extremists, racists, haters, conspiracy lovers and despise all Democrats ... and are tea party ruled! I fit none of those descriptions.

Seven years ago, after my wife of almost 50 years passed away suddenly, I found love, wonderful love, with an acquaintance who has warmed my heart and made life worthwhile again. She is a great wife, friend, companion, and a lifelong Democrat!

I have many friends who are both Democrats and terrific people. None are like LDG's description of all Republicans. My roots as a Republicans are formed in the images and beliefs of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. I am a right-winger to be sure. However, love of my country rises above all. Hate is blinding. I don't have time for it.

When I can't buy a coffeemaker at Walmart that's not made in China, I fear for my grandchildren's future! Find happiness, hate can give you a heart attack!

Oh yes, I strongly dislike the two replacement cartoons, "F Minus" and "Pearls Before Swine," and would like an editorial explanation for why I must suffer them.