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7:57 PM Mon, Dec. 10th

Kingman Letter: Liberal hack

So Will Durst, the syndicated "humor" columnist so prominently featured in this newspaper every week for many years, turned out to be a complete liberal hack (there, I said it).

Who knew? I sure didn't. I never found his columns particularly interesting. They are always filled with convoluted, obscure words and hyperbole to make them look entertaining or funny, but they seemed neither. They read more like the garble from someone suffering from a severe case of disorganized thinking.

But lately I began to notice that this "funny guy" Durst started showing his true colors. He calls Republicans "cowards" for voting against a gun control bill that clearly defies the Second Amendment, adopts the "nothing to see here" view of the liberal media regarding the attack on Benghazi (where four Americans were left to die by the same government they were serving abroad) and in his latest column he describes the Tea Party fight against the IRS as the "fight for the bottom," or the fight between two "hated organizations."

Last time I checked, the Tea Party was fighting for less taxes and smaller government - what can be so hated about that? I understand "humor" columns are supposed to be funny, but when its authors have a twisted, unrealistic worldview, they begin to miss the point and look stupid every time. We really don't need more liberal comedians. Cable TV is packed with these sad clowns already, like the Colberts and Stewarts of the world, that hide themselves behind the guise of "comedy" to spout their unfortunate point of view to an audience of clapping seals. And I don't think this newspaper should double down on it.

Ruben Yong