Kingman letters: Hate monsters

Ms. Dane is asserting that those of us in America who believe we are a Christian nation with a special relationship between religion and the rule of law are white supremacists.

Let's talk about the rule of law or the lack thereof with the current administration: The first president/secretary of state to knowingly and willfully leave four Americans in the hell hole called Benghazi to die and then lying about the cause of their deaths; the IRS targeting non-profit American Tea Party/Patriot organizations by requiring personnel information not required by others and delaying their non-profit status; the (probably illegal) wire, phone and e-mail taping of over 100 reporters of the Associated Press when only five reporters worked on a leaked story; the HHS secretary soliciting donations (from businesses her agency regulates) to support Obamacare because it cannot survive on it's own. There are so many more instances of lawlessness with this president and his departments that the Daily Miner would have to designate an entire edition to it.

The real hate monsters are mostly in the Democratic party. They are the people who think that being a Christian or a patriot is a bad thing and agree with a president who promotes hatred and lies at every turn.

Sam Wise