Letter: We must fight for justice

There is no justice for victims in this country.

Take, for example, the school shootings. Then there are the rape victims who are raped by our legal system.

Where is the justice for all these people? Well, I'll tell you in black and white. There is no justice for victims in this so-called great country of ours. Period!

The guilty always get off with a slap on the wrist, etc. So there is no justice for victims of all crimes, including airbags that kill good people like my parents. Hint! Hint!

I feel as if our court system has failed in a very big way. That is why I'm writing this to all of you good taxpayers who pay taxes and don't reap the benefits from it. So stand and fight for justice with me.

I am a victim because I lost my parents to faulty stinkin' airbags without being hit or the car being damaged. There is no justice until the law changes its ways, if you get my drift. Our way or the highway!

Kenny Lee Barrows