Letter: 'Real' TV, false hopes

False hope sells. Reality TV shows sell false hope. Storage sheds or "Auction Hunters." "American Pickers" is just another one of these. Buy it for a buck, and sell it for two bucks. Right! Now add the cost of motels, travel, gas, vehicular insurance and tire maintenance, now add for your food plus your time. In most cases, you're lucky to break even. The disclaimers state one in a thousand have these results.

Shows about diamond and gold hunters in South Africa are but more of the same. They never show travel costs or equipment fees once you get there. "Danger, Will Robinson!" You do not know the laws or customs of these Third World countries. Putting your life on the line to come home broke is just dumb.

Alaska gold rush shows? More of the same. Lots of problems that should have been foreseen, drama with action sells TV ads. With a little hope, you can sell dung to a starving man.

"Moonshiners" - the first question is, why aren't they with the producers in jail? Did they get a federal waiver for the show? So what's next? Murder, rape, and bank robbers, if so would you condone watching that as well?

If it is just hope with drama and action while stupid people say and do stupid things, I would suggest politics, where you get real mayhem of backstabbing partners who sell false hope to millions on a daily basis with drama and action that really affects you personally.

Jack Shepherd