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8:51 AM Sat, Dec. 15th

Letter: That was a good laugh

The Daily Miner opinion page gave me a laugh for the rest of the day when I read Lori Gabriel-Dane's piece about learning not to hate [Feb. 26, "Learn not to hate"].

Not so very long ago, around the re-election campaign of this president, she was spewing about her hatred and disdain for the Republicans and Tea party patriots. Let me see if I can remember just a few of her remarks: They HATE this president because he is black (this was the far left's main complaint); the Republicans are mean; they are all old, white, rich people; they hate undocumented people, left-speak for illegal aliens; and the list goes on.

But yet she implies that all the wrongs in the world are perpetrated by anyone who does not believe like she and the far left do. Here is a newsflash for you, Lori - most people are very decent and are willing to lend a hand if you need it, but first you have to not put them into your contrived categories and treat them like people, not a particular party affiliate. Most of the wars we fought were to keep our freedoms that we all so enjoy or to assist other countries in freeing them from oppressive dictators. These are wars that are worth fighting.

Sam Wise