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2:50 AM Mon, Dec. 17th

Letter: What the heck are we eating?

I don't know about anyone else, but I have had it up to my eyebrows with the food industry in our country. A large share of our food is loaded with fat, sodium and sugar. The thing that I am really concerned about is the amount of sodium that is in our food. The doctors say you shouldn't have more than 2,300 mg of sodium a day, which is one teaspoon. A few days ago, I bought a couple of cans of tomato sauce. They were 15-ounce cans. I checked the sodium content. They had 260 mg of sodium in one-quarter cup. That would be about 1,800 mg for the whole can. That is absolutely ridiculous. It is no wonder there are millions of people with high blood pressure. Why do these companies have to put so much sodium in stuff? If you complain, it doesn't do a bit of good.

Recently, I was watching the TV show "The Doctors." They mentioned that the average person is getting 3,700 mg of sodium in their daily diet because of the amount of sodium that is in our food. Maybe the food companies have an interest in a pharmaceutical company.

How about all of the chemicals that are in our food? I have seen calcium chloride and ethylene glycol listed in the ingredients in canned goods. When I was growing up in Iowa, calcium chloride was used on gravel roads to hold the dust down. Ethylene glycol is used in anti-freeze. No wonder there is so much cancer. Yet the FDA does nothing about this problem. I would like to know why.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley