Kingman letters: The grassy knoll on the moon

Many more people than one would imagine fervently refuse to accept the fact that American astronauts did in fact, on several journeys, visit the moon.

Saturn launch vehicles rocketed out of Earth's gravitational field and catapulted the Apollo lunar orbiting craft, manned by three very brave people, toward the moon. From the orbiter a Lunar Excursion Module dropped safely to the moon's surface where, for several days, two of these astronauts would conduct research tasks, collect lunar soil samples and sometimes goof off.

The LEM then blasted off and rejoined the orbiter. The Apollo craft then returned to Earth's gravitational field and blazed into the atmosphere, splashing down in the ocean.

These disbelievers are emphatic that the entire scenario was filmed in a movie studio. They refuse to believe that Columbus discovered the new world, or that the world is even round. They adamantly believe in a Da Vinci code, a Freemason conspiracy or in the JFK murder "conspiracy." They unwaveringly believe the government has imprisoned four little green extraterrestrials in Area 51. They whisper cautiously that they positively know that the government put fluoride in the drinking water to cause people to turn into zombies.

They willfully accept the bogus but refuse the truth.

Yet, amazingly, or predictably, these Low Information Voters also fanatically believe that every prevarication, every deceit, every evasion and every outright lie uttered by King Obama is the Gospel truth.

D.B. Mitchell

Valley Vista