Petition circulating to recall Hualapai chairwoman

PEACH SPRINGS - Another petition is circulating on the Hualapai Reservation to recall another member of the tribal council. According to the petition, Sherry Counts failed to properly represent the tribe in its legal battle with Skywalk developer David Jin by continuing to support the lawsuit against Jin instead of negotiating with him. The petitioners have 120 days from March 15 to collect at least 307 valid signatures in order for the recall election to occur.

The Hualapai Council has seen a lot of turnover since the dispute over the Skywalk began in 2010. Members Charlie Vaughn and Candida Hunter were recalled last week, former Chairwoman Louise Benson and Councilwoman Shari YellowHawk were suspended after calling for a vote to repeal the tribe's eminent domain ordinance in March 2012, and former Chairman Wilfred Whatoname was recalled in April 2011.