Clothing choices serve as a diet reminder

What should I wear today? And why should I wear it?

Did you know that if you wear scrubs, warm-up pants or clothing with an elastic waistband, you could gain 10 pounds without even noticing?

Did you know that if you gain 10 pounds, more than likely you will have to buy the next size up in your wardrobe? Kind of depressing, isn't it? So ask yourself, should I wear clothing with an elastic waistband?

Clothing that fits well can help keep you on track where your weight is concerned and keep you motivated to eat well, and not to mention being able to wear the clothing that you love. It will also save you money. How, you ask? Because you are not investing in a larger wardrobe.

If your clothing starts feeling tight, you'll be less inclined to overeat because it will only make you feel more uncomfortable. Also, you can make it a goal to fit back into those jeans or even a smaller size.

Think about what your wardrobe consists of. Do you own a lot of sweat pants or warm-ups? Yes, I know how comfortable it is to wear clothing like that, but it also makes it comfortable to overeat and put on unwanted pounds and inches without noticing. If you are gaining weight, it's easy not to notice when your clothing doesn't feel any tighter. You'll probably be less inclined to make an effort to make better food choices.

If your job requires you to wear clothing with an elastic waistband, when you get home try changing into those jeans or pants with a fitted waistband. If you don't have clothing with a fitted waistband, try putting on a belt. You can set goals with that belt. One goal could be to see how quickly you can wear that belt in the next smaller hole. That will keep you very aware of what you are eating and how your wardrobe fits.

We all know just how bad it feels to grab that favorite outfit that has not been worn for a while and have it be too tight. Then that outfit gets stuck in that black hole known as the back of the closet. How depressing!

Also, avoid going home after work and slipping into those comfy warmup pants, sweat pants, or scrub pants before you eat dinner. They make it easy to overeat. So try to avoid clothing with elastic waists that give you room to not eat well.

This simple action shows your determination and commitment to eat well, so that you never have to wear larger sizes again.

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