Column: So Jason Collins is (yawn) gay, eh?

Would someone please offer a coherent explanation of why we should care that Jason Collins is gay?

Collins has been a professional basketball player for over a decade. I'll concede the point that he's obviously pretty good. You have to be to make an NBA roster. But being pretty good sometimes only amounts to two or three minutes on the court every game because, by many accounts, Collins was the worst pretty good player on the Washington Wizards before their season ended without a trip to the playoffs.

In other words, a lot of casual NBA fans probably had no clue who Collins was before he made his announcement on the Sports Illustrated website. Since that time, though, Collins has been a media sensation. The president and first lady are standing with Collins and there's all kinds of chatter about how "brave" he is.

I'll withhold judgment on his bravery until I find out who he's having sex with (shudder). Since everything else about his private life has been thrust at us, so to speak, that information can't be far behind.

Meanwhile, on one of those sports talk shows devoted to looking at a topic from all angles, Chris Broussard found out there's one less angle from which to look at this particular topic. Broussard counts himself among those Christians who think homosexuality is a sin, and he said so.

Poor career move, Chris. You may not go to hell for what you're saying, but you'll certainly end up in TV purgatory if you insist on getting all religious on us. Those people who pride themselves on being tolerant - the MoveOn crowd among them - are petitioning to get Broussard thrown out on the street or, barring that, at least suspended.

I've got my own theory on this frenzy and it comes from years of working in newsrooms. This talk about Collins being brave and showing a lot of courage is based on the belief that conservative Americans will rise up and demand ... well, I don't know. But these conservatives will do something to show they are outraged.

I've had this explained to me by reporters on other issues. They don't know how to respond when they learn that, 1. I'm conservative, and; 2. I don't believe what they just said I believe.

That's what's at play here. The media is going crazy and much of America is defying expectations and yawning. The vast majority of us aren't homophobes, just as the vast majority of us aren't racists.

Jason Collins isn't brave. He's a marginal NBA player who happens to be gay. And I'm thinking he just milked another year or two out of his marginal career by coming out.