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7:47 AM Sat, Oct. 20th

Letter: Dumping animals is murder

Willow Creek Ranch is a remote community that lies approximately 38 miles east of Kingman off of I-40. The Ranch extends to both sides of the highway - north and south. It is a great place to live if one is interested in remote, and sometimes primitive, living. Each parcel is about 40 acres in size that affords the owners the opportunity to be creative with landscaping, choice of housing, etc. It's also great for raising all sorts of animals including horses, burros, goats, rabbits, and the typical dogs and cats. Almost all of the property owners who live full-time on the ranch have at least one animal that they consider a pet.

In the eight and a half years that I have lived here, we have seen an increasing number of stray dogs on the ranch. These dogs are strays that people have "dumped" at the ranch. It's so sad to see these dogs walking along the roads panting and cringing every time a vehicle passes them. Those of us who live here have the animals/pets that we want and can afford and do not want another dog.

Please be aware that when you "dump" your dog at Willow Creek Ranch (or anywhere else) you are condemning them to a slow and horrible death. No one can afford to take them in no matter how sad and pathetic they look. There are coyotes and large wild cats that live here in their natural habitat. The dogs you leave here will die - either from thirst and hunger, or from being torn apart by coyotes or wild cats.

If you do not want your dogs, please take them to a shelter or try to sell or give them away to someone who might love and care for them. I am saddened each time I see these poor dogs wandering the roads with their tongues hanging out and their ribs showing. Please respect these dogs' lives.

Hoogi Somerville