Kingman letters:Passing the buck at City Hall

A city of Kingman official with code compliance has informed me that owners of vacant properties in various stages of development are not obligated to maintain the same cleanliness standards as are individual residents of occupied properties and dwellings. The reason for the complete lack of code enforcement is that the developer and/or contractors would use heavy equipment to bring properties into compliance, which would promote dusty conditions that would aggravate certain respiratory illnesses of nearby residents.

If the city of Kingman had compelled the compliance, it would be liable and responsible for medical and/or hospital bills, etc. However, we as individual owners of developed properties and dwellings are responsible for any trash, weeds (I emphasize tumbleweeds), vermin and pests that are windblown or otherwise caused to invade our homes from these unmaintained properties.

When I voiced concerns over fire hazards, the same city official said that tumbleweeds burn at such a fast rate of consumption that occupied residential dwellings would be in no danger.

Also, I cannot clean up some of these derelict properties because that would be trespassing. Every morning I wake up to a new yard full of tumbleweeds, and every day I clean them up, inasmuch as my residential trash container will hold. The city will not supply me with a larger container unless I pay more. The problem worsens with every passing year, and at 70 years old, I am losing the ability to keep up with it.

Catch-22 is alive and well, and buck passing rampant as usual. If I could spend my twilight years somewhere else, I would. Unfortunately I am caught between a rock and several hard places (the heads of city officials).

I know I'm not alone with this problem. If anyone else feels as strongly about this one-sided code compliance as I do, please speak up, and let's build a "Tumbleweed Fire" under the people who are paid to enforce justice.

Jearold Claborn