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7:17 AM Mon, Dec. 17th

The Fraud of the Benghazi Accountability Review Board

The Fraud that is the Benghazi Accountability Review Board

The intent of the ARB was to thwart efforts to hold the administration accountable for the Benghazi Massacre, and massacre is certainly what it was. How could it be a fraud when it was run by Admiral Thomas Pickering and Admiral Mike Mullen, many ask. These two men were not chosen by accident but hand-picked by Hillary Clinton because these two are known to be progressive-friendly. So shoddy is the report, they didn't even bother to interview Clinton, the secretary of state, of all people who needed to be questioned. It's so shoddy, the report itself is now under investigation.

Pickering and Mullens have both drunk deeply from the see no Islam well. Pickering, a foreign policy establishment leftist, serves as chairman of the board of trustees of the International Crisis Group, a George Soros outfit that wants to engage with the Shariah compliant Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He has personally pushed opening relations with Hamas, pushed for peace talks with the Taliban, argued for removing U. S. nuclear weapons in Europe and promoted bi-lateral talks with Iran without preconditions. Pickering actually sits on two pro-Tehran groups, the American Iranian Council and the National Iranian American Council. Pickering has endorsed Obama's Libya policy, including using local Jihadist militia's for U. S. security. He sees nothing wrong in Islam at all, is for understanding more of their friendly religion and supports the Obama-Clinton policy of empowering Islamic supramicists.

Admiral Mullens is worse as he is completely clueless about the Muslim ideology. He sees no connection whatsoever with Islam scripture and the threat to the West. He is simply unable to connect the dots. Mullens believes the problem is that Muslims are humiliated by the abject poverty and illiteracy they live in. If we would but just teach them to read and write, they could then eschew violence and "read the Quran for what it is," he states.

He has no clue the Quran teaches to kill infidels, Christians and Jews. He ignores that the Christians this very day are being wiped out in Egypt, which is run by that wonderful Muslim Brotherhood Obama has supported. And of course, he has no clue that many, many jihadists are from wealthy families and are well educated, not illiterate and poverty stricken at all. In fact, many are in our own colleges in the United States.

Lost on Mullens is the fact the Quran in 100 places pushes Jihad. Against infidels. That is us, Christians, Jews, atheists. Both Pickering and Mullens have Muslim sympathies. Mullens was in on calling the Ft. Hood slaughter by a home grown Jihadist "workplace violence." He oversaw the U.S.-Pakistani military alliance. They used are money to fund Jihadists and harbored Osama bin Laden, among other things.

Who better to whitewash a report on the ineptness of the Obama administration and State Department under Hillary Clinton than Pickering and Mullens? They didn't disappoint at all. The report is breathtaking in its omissions and spin.