Letter: CEOs make money, we pay the cost

Lately I have been wondering why these big companies and corporations feel they have to pay their CEOs such outlandish salaries. A while back I was talking to my representative for my healthcare company, and he told me that the CEO is getting a $10 million a year salary. That is outrageous.

A lot of people are struggling to pay their premiums. The representative told me that CEO was the lowest paid in that industry. Then I heard that the CEO of a major casino chain got a $90 million bonus a couple of years ago. Then these casinos can't pay their dealers a decent living wage where they don't have to depend on tips. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't anyone worth that kind of money.

The other day I heard on the news that 97.7 percent of the clothes that we buy are made overseas. You can bet the CEOs are getting a huge salary. The workers who make the clothes are making 50 cents an hour. Where is the fairness? I can't see how they sleep at night. I sure couldn't.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley