Mohave's Arizona Rangers make the grade

KINGMAN - They won't roam the territory in search of desperadoes like they did a century ago, but they will assist and support law enforcement wherever needed.

After a year of being a detachment, Mohave Company No. 26 of the Arizona Rangers became official last week, according to Capt. Bruce Leeming, company commander.

The current company consists of 11 rangers, said Leeming.

"The present-day Arizona Rangers are an unpaid, all volunteer, law enforcement support and assistance civilian auxiliary ... who work cooperatively at the request of and under the direction, control and supervision of established law enforcement officials and officers," he said in an email.

Rangers assist law enforcement on a wide host of issues ranging from a search for missing children to DUI task forces, wildfires, parades and securing accident scenes.

Rangers train with guidelines established by the Arizona Rangers Training Academy, which in turn borrows heavily from police academy training.

The Mohave Company is always recruiting, said Leeming.

Here's what's required:

• Be at least 21 years old and have no criminal history;

• Reside in Arizona at least six months out of the year;

• Be cleared for voting by completing the prescribed screening process, including a local and national background investigation;

• Have a valid Arizona Concealed Weapons permit;

• Satisfactorily complete the probation period;

• Be accepted by a majority vote of the eligible rangers in the company being joined.

For more information, contact Leeming via email only at