Kingman board takes up school uniform, grade issues

KINGMAN - Kingman Unified School District Board members will have their plate full at today's meeting, with grade point average requirements for student athletes, school uniforms, new courses and the possible creation of a Palo Christi exploratory committee on the menu.

The board meets at 5:30 p.m. in the KUSD office, 3033 MacDonald Ave.

The board will first discuss the idea of increasing the required grade point average for student athletic eligibility.

At an Oct. 15 meeting, board member Bruce Ricca suggested raising the eligibility standard for student athletes from a "D" to a "C" average. He said he wanted students to understand that education is more important than sports and hoped to get parents more involved.

Not everyone agreed. Some school administrators noted that there are students struggling with the state's new Common Core standards, and that the higher standard would cause players to be cut from teams. It was suggested the impact could be so severe some teams could have their seasons canceled.

A committee was formed in October to look into Ricca's suggestion and will report its findings to the school board this evening.

The board will also consider a recommendation from a committee on whether the district should require all students to wear uniforms.

School Board Vice President Jeri Brock suggested moving to full uniforms for students at the board's October meeting, touting it as away to deal with discipline issues some schools are having.

Students are currently required to wear T-shirts or polo shirts with the district's logo, and neat slacks or skirts. Brock suggested white button-down dress shirts, ties and khaki slacks for boys and white dress shirts and skirts or jumpers for girls.

School administrators raised concerns about the cost of the uniforms and adding another change in the school year, which is already full of changes in state standards, schedules and staff evaluations.

The board will also consider:

• A request from Superintendent Roger Jacks to create an exploratory committee for suggestions on what to do with Palo Christi Elementary School, which is currently closed and in need of some remodeling. It is one of the oldest school buildings in the district.

• Removing several courses from the district's catalog, including: honors civics, dual credit psychology, honors economics, and honors U.S. history.

• Adding several courses to the catalog, including a new precision manufacturing class for students in the Career and Technical Education Program, an honors biology class for freshmen, an honors algebra 2 class for sophomores, French 2, and honors world history.

• Accepting the donation of a 2004 Hyundai Accent, a 2001 Ford Taurus and a 1996 Lexus to be used as lab vehicles for the automotive program at Lee Williams High School. NAPA Auto Parts and Martin Swanty Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram are donating the vehicles.