Letter: Choosing to avoid airline abuse

A few days ago it was on the news that the airlines were getting geared up for the busiest time of the year. I am to the point that I don't care to fly anymore. I don't like the way the airlines operate. I remember when you got on an airplane and had plenty of legroom and a nice hot meal. You could relax and enjoy the flight. Those days are gone. Just recently it was on the news that the airlines are going to put more seats in. In other words, you will sit there for three hours with your knees halfway to your chin.

They took a survey and asked people what they would rather have: more legroom or have their WiFi. 90 percent said they would want the WiFi. I thought it was stupid.

A few years ago, the airlines started charging for baggage. It used to be $25 a bag, and now it is $50. Now they are charging for carry-on bags. That is ridiculous - anything for money. The airlines will get whatever the traffic will bear. If people are willing to put up with it, the airlines will get it.

Last summer, there was an incident at Sky Harbor airport. An airliner had trouble with its air conditioning system. People were held on that plane for 2½ hours. They wouldn't let them off. One person passed out. It got really hot in that plane. Another incident happened a few months ago when an airliner had mechanical problems. People were held hostage for 11 hours. That is incredible.

The last time my wife and I flew, they broke the charger to her handicap cart. I think what happened was when the TSA went through the luggage, they accidentally dropped it. I called the 800 number for the airline and I never heard from them. We ended up having to buy a new charger.

Who do these airline people think they are? Why do they treat people like this? I hope these people filed a lawsuit. That is first-class crapola to treat people this way.

Rodney L. Case

Golden Valley