Kingman Letters: Downtown turning into a drag strip

A friend who lives in Old Town Kingman told me the other day that after 5 p.m. you rarely see a squad car from the Kingman Police Department, and that East Beale Street becomes a drag strip of sorts.

Starting at third street from the Circle K heading west or east on Beale Street, beside an alleged form of music that entails extreme bass percussions, the engines roar to the next stop sign or red light, and then they are off again to the next blinking stop sign or red light. "Two years and only four stops that I know of for speeding," my friend said, "and to date I have not seen anyone charged with noise violations."

"I see more fire trucks than KPD cruisers on Beale with an occasional Department of Public Safety (Arizona Highway Patrol) on Andy Divine (old Route 66)."

It's bad enough that trains drive folks and tourists away. Now the incessant thump of music throughout much of the night makes it difficult to sleep, too.

I asked, "Did you report the noise to KPD?"

"Oh, we have! But when you call you get, 'What's your name? Address? Phone number? Do you have description of the car or person, and did you get the plate number?'"

He told KPD, "No. That's not my job. My job is to let you know it's going on all the time, and yours, as I recall, is to have a patrol car somewhere on station."

Where are all our cops, anyway? Maybe we need a donut shop downtown.

Jack Shepherd