Letter of thanks: Amelia Brackett

I am a member of the Stockton Hill Herd 4-H Club. I just finished my second year in 4-H County Fair exhibits. It has been a great year in 4-H. I enjoyed going to the club meetings, learning from special workshops and competing at poultry shows, demonstrations, Challenge Day and the county fair. 4-H definitely helped me become a better speaker by learning my projects well and being more confident.

I want to say a big thank you to all the 4-H leaders who helped all of us. I appreciate the people who helped with the 4-H workshops in cake decorating, photography and poultry: Geri Rogers, Denise Neath, Tammy Noble, Jackie Adams, Victoria Pratt, Jamie Taylor, Jan Meredith, Herberta Holly Schroeder, JC Amberlyn, Janice Montoya, Lacy Greer, David Olson, Allison Daily, Pam Wanner, Merian Bennett, Rich Thurlow and many more.

Amelia Brackett, age 11